When the body is in recovery mode, a lot of energy is used to restore health, so the less energy the body uses to stay warm the better.

The kidneys are responsible for regulating body temperature, so less work for the kidneys, more available energy for healing cells. 


A snug layer around the lower/mid back will help the bodys energy system to conserve heat. The belly warmer protects the area at the base of your back where cold air sneaks under your clothes.


Great for sleeping too, won't move around and easy to slip off if you egt hot in the night.

Helps to keep your core warm and boosts circulation, which supports your kidneys and liver.

Easily slides on and off as your body temp fluctuates during the day.

The modern belly warmer is similar to the Japanese style ‘haramaki’ - freely translated as ‘belly warmer’.

Also called a kidney warmer or belly band.


ORGANIC COTTON - soft & clean against the skin

FIRM BUT NOT RESTRICTIVE - designed to not slide around

NO DIG IN - No waist or hip elastic hems to cut in or irritate your skin.



yoga, cycling, lounging, air-conditioned offices, airplane travel, walking, hiking, camping, snowboarding, skiing, cancerTreatment, abdominal surgery recovery, sleeping, baby bump and breastfeeding, horseriding, motor biking, fishing, early morning paper run… LIFE.


BELLY WARMER for Recouperating

  • Organic cotton*


    Tailored shape

    Covers tummy & lower back


    *Grandma Said  Organic Cotton is sourced from a Fair Trade company in India. They are part of the OFC and Organic Exchange which ensure high-quality standards. 90% organic cotton / 10% spandex/lycra

    The fabrics are dyed using hydrogen peroxide and/or low impact fibre-reactive dyes with no azo, sulfa or heavy metals.

    The manufacturing mills adhere strictly to fair labour practices

    Designed and made in Australia.


    Kidney Warmer SIZE**





     8 - 10

      4 - 6

    36 - 38


    10 - 12

      6 - 8

    38 - 40


    12 -14

     8 - 10

    40 - 42

    Extra Large

    14 - 16

    10 - 12 

    42 - 44


    **Choose the size that corresponds with your regular clothing size. NOTE/ the belly warmers are on the smaller/snug fitting size to allow for minor stretching over time, so if you are a larger size 10, then choose a Medium, If you are a larger size 14, choose an Extra Large etc.

    For pregnancy, choose the size that corresponds with your usual clothing size for the first 3-6 months, then you may need to buy the next size up for the final trimester depending on how large you are carrying.

    Please email with any queries regarding sizing.