" Conforming to a Standard: Usual, typical, expected. "


Grandma said is only sourcing, producing & selling garments that are made under normal working conditions.

We know there are some in the clothing (& other) industry who choose ab-normal trade practises - who buy raw and finished goods from businesses who torture the crops with chemicals, have staff working for them in less than humane working environments, who work obscenely long hours and who pay well below average hourly rates.

This is not normal trade practices. It is common, but not normal.

We will only support other businesses who provide clean raw products, working conditions and pay equal to that which we would expect for ourselves. This includes, farms, processing factories, wholesalers, manufacturers and final sale.

THIS is the real NORMAL.

Grandma said organic cotton is sourced form a Fair Trade company in India. They are part of the OFC and Organic Exchange to ensure high quality standards. 

The fabrics are dyed using hydrogen peroxide and/or low impact fibre-reactive dyes with no azo, sulfa or heavy metals. The manufacturing mills adhere strictly to fair labour practices.

Currently we manufacture in small batches in Sydney. Should we need to expand to a factory or OS, we will ensure all contractors adhere to strict favourable working conditions.

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Diagramatic overview of Organic farming system in India
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Comparing non-organic and organic cotton
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treated vs untreated cotton seeds.png
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Which one would you rather cloak your skin in?