Flavia, NSW


I just wanted to leave you a little review for the Grandma said belly warmers - they are one of the best winter garments I've ever tried! I get so cold in winter and this is my life saver. I highly recommend these to anyone who gets cold.

Kaye, NSW


I spend a lot of time at sitting at my craft desk doing scrapbooking and I find that wearing a Belly Warmer really helps to stop me getting cold from sitting still! 

It's a great product, and very well made.

Jasmine, NSW


I put my belly warmer on today for yoga - the first time this season, and I forgot how amazing it felt! It's sooo good. 
Just wanted to let you

know. :) 

Sascha, NSW


Winter will never be the same now - for a good reason! I love my belly  warmer so much.
And now my kids are borrowing them. Hope you make kids sizes soon.

Josh, NSW


I live in the mountains and sometimes temps are as low as 2*C but the belly warmer (I call it a kidney warmer) really helps to keep my core warm. I was actually shocked at the difference it makes. Will never go another winter without one.

This belly warmer is the most adaptable piece of clothing. I wore it during my hike on the Apalatian Trail -easy to slide on and off and it's so small to carry. I wore it during my pregnancies & now I also wear for yoga. I love it.

Beverley, Yoga Teacher

I really don't like being cold, so I'm always super rugged up, and I honestly would not be able to bare winter without wearing a belly warmer. 

Melanie, Grandma said

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This is honestly one of the most amazing products. My belly warmer is my favourite thing about winter. I love it so much. 

Eleanor, Yoga Vitalite