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The best and quickest way to see if Grandma lied to you - test her theory for yourself.

She claims that 'covering your kidneys (aka lower back) will help you stay warm' -


Next time you're feeling a bit cold & shivery, grab a scarf and wrap it around your lower back/tummy area...close against your skin will work best, but over clothes if that's easier.

You should feel an instant sense of warmth, which will increase over time.

Now, in an hour, remove the scarf.


You'll definitely notice the body temperature drop and you won't feel snug anymore.


Next time you're feeling HOT, fold your leggings/jeans/shorts/pants down a fold or two so they sit on your hip bones. You should instantly feel a sense of coolness.

It's all in the kidney region.

Kidneys regulate body temp. It's so simple.

Conclusion: Grandma's don't lie.

Ps. The beauty of the belly warmer is that you can fold it down when you're hot and slide it back up when you're cool again. ;)


It’s ok. You’re not Not yogic if you hate winter.

It’s definitely harder to get on the mat when it feels sub zero.

But you do it anyway. Out to the ginormous local hall or into your freezing lounge room.

The heaters are 20 feet up the wall or haven’t warmed up yet.

You can’t wear your puffer jacket onto the mat and you know you’re going to warm up in 20 mins anyway.

What you going to do?

You’re going to wear a belly warmer.

It’s covers your whole midriff. It doesn’t move. And it’s freakn warm.

Think - no more exposed tummy in Urdhva Hastansana (that’s raised arms for us semi-yogis), no lower-back-gap in Uttanasana (standing forward bend) or Paschimottansana (seated forward bend) - basically all your forward bends! Plus back bends, side bends, you get the picture.

​And the beauty, it can easily slide off as you get hot - and back on to sleep at the end. I mean, resting pose, Savasana.


Without breath there's no life..

Oxygen in, oxygen out.

Your skin inhales and exhales like your mouth.

It’s good to wear clothes that breathe.

Synthetics and re-cycled plastics cover your skin like a plastic bag of onions sitting in the sun.

Enter sweat and smell.

Natural fabric breathes while you do.

Grandma said belly warmers are made with the highest grade certified organic cotton.

Add it to your favourite Organic yoga wear.


Grandma x

Ps. You bet ya I googled how to spell those names !

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Updated: Aug 24, 2020


This one seems counter intuitive, but it works!

In the morning shower, have the normal hot shower for washing, then for the last 30 seconds - or 15 or 60, whichever you can tolerate, blast only cold water all over your body! If you can, turn slowly in circles so the water runs evenly over front and back of your body- & breath deep in-out-in-out, like puffing - if that makes you feel unsteady though, just stand still and let the water fall over you.

It's is a bit WimHof-y* but it's about getting warm as well as many other benefits you may get.

If you can't do #2, then definitely do this one.

It’s SO HARD! And you might squeal and carry on, but the second you turn off the shower, a RUSH of heat courses through your body and your whole system is FULL of fresh alive blood which heats you up! You feel SO INVIGORATED and ready to charge into the day. TRY IT. Just once…if you love it, it might take a week or so to become a habit because there's so much resistance to the cold, but then it’s so worth it.

SideNote// If standing your whole body under the cold water is just TOO terrifying and distressing, then just stand back from the water stream, turn the cold water on and just put your face under for 15 seconds (then breath & try another 15 seconds). This alone will make you feel so alive and fresh for the day.

*Wim Hof is Dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand freezing temperatures. He believes , & has proven, that cold water immersion gives you increased energy, better sleep, heightened focus & determination, improved sports performance, increased will power, reduced stress levels, greater cold tolerance, faster recovery, enhanced creativity, stronger immune system.

#2. MOVE MOVE MOVE! This one is so cliche, but MYGOSH it works! Going for a brisk walk first thing in the morning to get the oxygen flowing and the blood pumping is the key to being warm for the whole day. If you’re a morning exercise person you’ll know this, but if you’re not, then give it a try-the hardest part is getting out of bed a bit earlier n the cold, but her’s how you do it -

Lay all your walking clothes out the night before, including bra, socks and shoes and have them right near the bed.

Just as you’re going off to sleep, say to yourself - I am getting up early tomorrow to go for a walk. I will get up as soon as I wake up. (this is key in making sure you don’t snooze or talk yourself out of it because it’s too cold).

Then go. Just walk. Anywhere. Even if it's only 15 minutes. Swing your arms. Stretch your neck sideways, up and down. Then go home and do #1!

I’ve done the experiment, it works - every day I walk in the morning in 8 degrees and then I’m warm all day. When I don’t walk, my feet and hands are freezing all day...unless I fix it with #3!

#3 . HAIR DRYER: Sitting still = your hands, face (nose!), feet, legs-body parts, get icy cold and no matter what you do you can’t warm up (except your midriff, because you’re wearing your belly warmer and that’s keeping that area sorted!) …

Quick solution. Grab the hair dryer and blast that hot air onto the cold area - at your face (so good!), lift up your shirt, point it down your pants, take shoe off blast into the sock! …hold for a good minute or so, then move to the next cold area… it works brilliantly and it’s instant.

If you’re at work, use the hand dryers, they’re great - hopefully you have the old style nozzle that flips up and down..bit hard to shove your face in those Dyson quickblast ones though!

SideNote// for hands, another quick fix while you’re in the bathroom is hold your hands under hot water for a few minutes.

#4 . BELLY WARMER: of course! Categorically THE BEST WINTER clothing hack.

A (Grandma said) belly warmer / haramaki / kidney warmer / belly band - whatever you want to call it is unlike anything out there in terms of clothing to help keep you warm. It’s the most unassuming little underWear garment, but it is unequivocally the winner for keeping your core warm and thereby your whole body.

You can kind of cope if your legs are a bit cold, or your arms, and your face, but when your body / trunk area is cold, it’s super debilitating and uncomfortable. Never happen with your belly warmer on...if you’ve worn one, you know what I mean ;) SideNote// Because Grandma said belly warmers are made with organic cotton, they're also good for you and good for the planet. And they're really comfy too.


x Grandma