Does the belly warmer feel restrictive around the belly?


Short answer, no. If you buy the correct size for your shape, the belly warmer is not meant to feel restrictive. It is snug enough not to move around, but it sits comfortably on the waist and is shaped slightly wider at the hips to allow for hip width. Some customers do prefer to buy the belly warmer in a smaller size so that it is super hugging, but of course it will stretch a little over time through the action of pulling it on and off.


Will it stretch out of shape easily?


The organic cotton used for the Grandma said belly warmer is of the highest quality so it does not stretch out of shape easily and will last many many washes & seasons.

Of course, as with any fabric, the more you wear it and wash it, the more it will stretch over time, but you should get at least a few seasons (or more!) out of your belly warmer.


Why should I choose a Grandma said belly warmer?


Grandma said belly warmer are unlike any others on the market. They are exceptionally high quality because of the design/shape, the double layered fabric, the superior quality of the organic cotton, and are hand made in small batches which ensures every garment is finished to perfect standards.

The Organic Cotton is sourced from a Fair Trade company in India. They are part of the OFC and Organic Exchange which ensure high-quality standards.

The fabrics are dyed using hydrogen peroxide and/or low impact fibre-reactive dyes with no azo, sulfa or heavy metals. The manufacturing mills adhere strictly to fair labour practices. 


What is your refund policy?



Meaning- we are happy to refund in full (including return postage) if you're unhappy with your purchase.
Please read Terms and Conditions for full details.


Can guys wear a belly warmer?


YES! the belly warmer is for ALL SHAPES, SIZES, & GENDERS - we're all about comfort and warmth for everyone!


What size should I buy?

Buy the size that corresponds with your usual clothing size. If you have un-even sizing - ie; size 14 tops and size 10 pants, then go with the top size, as this will be generally what fits your waist shape better. 
There is a size chart on the product page to help choose the correct Australian size for sizes in your country.


What if I don't like how it feels?


If you buy a belly warmer and genuinely do not like how it feels then you are most welcome to return it to Grandma said for a full refund. It must be unworn - as in, you can try it on, but you must not wear it for a while and then decide you don't like it - treat it the same as if you tried it on in a shop and then decided not to buy it. 

Please read the terms and conditions for returns.


I ordered the wrong size, how do I return it?


If you ordered the wrong size, we are happy to exchange for your correct size. Please make sure the item is not worn before sending it back - see T&Cs for full return/exchange details. To avoid extra postage costs, please email us before you make your purchase if you are unsure about sizing.


Will you be getting other colours?


There are plans to offer the belly warmer in other colours. However, after doing a small test run, we found that most people go for the versatile colours that we currently offer. 

Please email us if you would like to see our belly warmer in another colour.


Do you have kids sizes?


Currently we do not have any kids sizes in stock. 
Please email us if this does interest you for your kids, as the more interest we get the faster we will speed up production.