Grandma said is all about comfort.

 EVERYBODYS comfort.

Grandmas house is cosy, happy, warm and she want's everyone to be happy. 

That's the ethos behind Grandma said the brand. 

At the moment we make belly warmers, and we're in production now of 

super comfy organic undies (you can sign up to be notified when the first batch hit the website).

All our stuff will always be made ethically with high quality fabrics -
"they don't make 'em like they used to"  
is not what we should be saying about things we buy.
So we
do make them like they used to - MADE TO LAST. 

Also, buying online can be a gamble because you can't try it on first...nothing worse than

spending your money and then it not being what you wanted. 

This is important to Grandma said, so we have a very accomodating returns/refunds policy...that's also

because we're really meticulous with our standards and we're confident you'll love your purchase.

BUT if not, you win because we even pay for your postage to return it.

(read T&Cs before you buy


Health and wellbeing

Covering the mid body (kidney region) promotes blood flow which helps keeps you warm.

When you're warm, shivering stops, your muscles relax and so do you.

Eastern healing traditions teach that cold weather affects the kidneys and digestive health. 
In ancient Japan, they wore a wide fabric belt called haramaki to keep the belly and kidneys warm.

Today this simple wisdom is making a come back, both in Japan and increasingly throughout the world.


Comfy undies in production now 


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