the pie of life

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

how is life just like pie?

it's simple. think of the type of pie you want. look around at different recipes, all kinds, be open to new tastes. choose one you think sounds or looks like it could be the tastiest. then gather the ingredients* you’ll need. *side note/the more organic the ingredients, the better the finished pie will likely taste.

experimenting with pies

sometimes it may take a few trial and errors to make a good pie.

make the pie a few times using slightly different quantities or different ingredients, or take a couple of things out, add some more in from different recipes…whatever you fancy. until you get the best pie that tastes just to your liking.

if you get bored of eating that pie, just choose a different pie and start baking that one.

also, you don't even have to eat the same type of pie everyday. mix it up.

reminder/ hardly anyone will bake a pie perfect the first time around !

[ clue: sub. 'life' for 'pie' ]

what kind of pie are you eating everyday.

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