Part One: 'I HATE WINTER'…


It’s ok. You’re not Not yogic if you hate winter.

It’s definitely harder to get on the mat when it feels sub zero.

But you do it anyway. Out to the ginormous local hall or into your freezing lounge room.

The heaters are 20 feet up the wall or haven’t warmed up yet.

You can’t wear your puffer jacket onto the mat and you know you’re going to warm up in 20 mins anyway.

What you going to do?

You’re going to wear a belly warmer.

It’s covers your whole midriff. It doesn’t move. And it’s freakn warm.

Think - no more exposed tummy in Urdhva Hastansana (that’s raised arms for us semi-yogis), no lower-back-gap in Uttanasana (standing forward bend) or Paschimottansana (seated forward bend) - basically all your forward bends! Plus back bends, side bends, you get the picture.

​And the beauty, it can easily slide off as you get hot - and back on to sleep at the end. I mean, resting pose, Savasana.


Without breath there's no life..

Oxygen in, oxygen out.

Your skin inhales and exhales like your mouth.

It’s good to wear clothes that breathe.

Synthetics and re-cycled plastics cover your skin like a plastic bag of onions sitting in the sun.

Enter sweat and smell.

Natural fabric breathes while you do.

Grandma said belly warmers are made with the highest grade certified organic cotton.

Add it to your favourite Organic yoga wear.


Grandma x

Ps. You bet ya I googled how to spell those names !

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