Don't take your dog for a walk.

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

...Let your dog take YOU for a walk.

dog training is all about letting the dog know you're in charge.

and for the most part, this is totally needed. but I beg to differ when it comes to going for a walk. It’s amazing how much calm you get from letting the dog direct the pace and the pauses. even if, or especially if, the dog is on a lead, and it decides to trot a little faster, you have to get your speed on and trot with him/her..a little 20m jog kicks the endorphins into gear and gets the blood excited. and whenever the dog pauses to sniff, it’s the cue to stop and sniff too - you get to look around, smell the air, notice the sounds, quiet your mind..the presence is invigorating.

ALSO, there's that little thing called divine timing... if you trust in universal alignment & coordination, maybe your furball has the insight to stop n sniff, socialise or pull faster so that you line up with all the magical things co-ordinated for you... dogs are pretty in tune with nature, so... ya know...just a thought...

AND finally...this is the one chance the dog gets to go out and play and be free outside their own's so fun to watch them having fun!

[ YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ THIS NEXT BIT - it’s the what-not-to-do-bit..but

if you need reminding, then read it.]

the dog-walk can become a habitual, daily, revolving door. put on the lead, walk outside, pause to let doggy wee, tug on the lead and keep walking. walk on a mission. take dog for walk. pause to let the dog poo. bag it. tug on the lead and keep walking. every time the dog pauses to sniff and explore, tug on the lead “c’mon! Let's go!”. constant lead tugging and hurriedness mixed with orders to the dog adds stress and anxiety to both you and the dog - the opposite of what the fresh air walk is meant to be.

So Grandma said, the moral of the story is...

Let your dog take you for a walk.

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