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Organic Cotton Belly Warmer

The best underLAYER you'll ever find 
for warmth and comfort.

Luxurious quality.           Mindfully handmade.             Ethically sourced.              Organic & Fair Trade.


No more tugging at your top to cover the gap across your lower back.

For everyday wear. For every body.

A stretch cotton tube worn around the tummy/lower back for warmth.

Designed to fit the shape of your body and 

feel snug but not tight.  It won't slip around.

Ours are double layered for extra warmth and stretch durability, but no extra bulk.

Also called kidney warmer or Haramaki, espoecially if you're in Japan.


Life's too fun to be cold.

                  Grandma said...

" smiling when you're by yourself makes all the difference to your happiness "

organic yoga wear

Perfect for

People who love their belly warmers...

I spend a lot of time sitting at my craft desk scrapbooking and I find that wearing a belly warmer really helps me to stop getting cold Great product and well made.

Kaye, NSW

 I live in Melbourne and ride my bike to work everyday and I'm always cold. My wife bought me a belly warmer to cover my lower back. I was resistant at first but Wow, I freakn love it!

James, VIC
Rachel, QLD

My (Grandma said) belly warmer lasted me through my whole pregnancy so I didn't have to buy new jeans/pants.The fabric is firm but not too tight. I really love wearing it.


Grandma said belly warmers are one of the best winter garments I've ever tried. The fabric is so nice & surprisingly warm. It's literally a winter life saver.

Grandma said...

"Every little step gets you closer to where you want to go.

Where are you going?"  

packing for travel

Life is for ADVENTURES

belly warmers are for LIFE

Pat, NSW

I lost my belly warmer and I realised now how much I love it and cannot live with out it. I will need to buy another two, just in case.


Today I put on my belly warmer for yoga for the first time this season, and I forgot how amazing it feels!

It's soo good. Just wanted to let you know.  :) 

Jasmine, NSW

Comforting for achey lower backs or tummy pain.

Wear it to hold a wheat bag or hot water bottle.

Swaddle for precious pregnant bellies.

Gentle post operative support for delicate stitches.  

Wear form fitting clothes in winter but still be layered & warm.

...feels like a little warm hug.

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